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Special  Prices available till 31.3.18 !!!!

  • AcuPartner Professional Dongle (USB Key) Version for many computers Special Price 300 US$ till 31.3.18
  • AcuPartner Professional Downloaded Version for one computer Special Price 150 US$ till 31.3.18

AcuPartner Professional available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and German

Working on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 and 10 , Mac (on BootCamp Windows Platform that runs on the Mac)!!!!

Review of AcuPartner Professional
EJOM (European Journal of Oriental Medicine) Aug 2009

"...a worthwhile investment"
"...a first-cut act"
AcuPartner Professional “The Best Acupuncture Reference Software” Awarded by The European Journal of Oriental Medicine
"We last reviewed the AcuPartner Software in our summer edition 2000 (Vol 3 No3) when our reviewer called it “the best acupuncture reference software”. The 2008 AcuPartner Professional drew considerable interest at our recent annual conference, so we thought we’d look at it again., and judging by my recent assessment, it is still up there with the best. The new software has been considerably enhanced, with a much deeper diagnostic concept, greatly improved charts and point description, and a variety of clinic management options." 

Review of AcuPartner Professional
Medical Acupuncture, December 2008
American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

AcuPartner Professional
• Customizable TCM & Acupuncture Herbal Knowledge Base
• Customizable Acupuncture Clinic Management & Patient Data Base
• Full Body Maps 

AcuPartner Professional expanded version:
• User-expandable TCM Knowledge Base
• User-expandable Chinese Medicine Herbal Knowledge Base
• Management Module
• Full Body Maps
• Multimedia Features
• Build your own Reports
The User-Friendly Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbal software includes:
Customizable TCM & Acupuncture Herbal Knowledge Base
Diagnosis & Treatment - Suggested, Guided or Designed
TCM treatment & Acupuncture Herbal treatment
Add:  Western Diseases, Syndromes, Extra Points, Herbs and Formulas
Edit Options
Add Comments
Search Capabilities
Customizable Clinic Management & Patient Data Base
Intake Forms
Session Records
Multimedia Features
Diagnosis & Treatment (TCM & Acupuncture Herbal)
Report Generator
Billing, Insurance, Inventory
Full Body Maps
Point & Click
Choose Session Treatment Points
Blinking Session Treatment Points
Zoom Options 

AcuPartner Professional includes:
Customizable TCM & Herbal Knowledge Base

• Wealth of TCM knowledge: western diseases, syndromes, points, meridians, organs
• Wealth of herbal knowledge: herbs and formulas (classic, patented, modified, associated)
• Edit text, add comments, edit point combinations
• Add new herbs and formulas
• Build lists of symptoms, syndromes, diseases
• Add western diseases, syndromes, extra points (with pictures)
• Build lists of symptoms, syndromes, diseases
• Maps (meridian, area body, full-body) allowing navigation to a point screen, choosing a combination of session treatment points and blinking of selected session treatment
Customizable Clinic Management & Patient Data Base
• User-friendly intake forms
• Session documentation
• Diagnosis, treatment and search functions
• Patient/supplier billing, inventory management, automatic insurance form generation
• Multimedia options (pictures, videos, voice recording)
• Medical and Management report generation and classifica
Additional Capabilities
• World-standard nomenclature or local meridian names
• TCM & Herbal data base sharing with colleagues (who use AcuPartner Professional)
• Variety of split/dual display options (patient records, TCM & Herbal knowledge and full-body maps) 



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