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AcuPartner Professional
© 2010 by Bamboo Software Ltd. 

AcuPartner Professional, Bamboo Software’s flagship application for the acupuncturist and acupuncture clinic, is the culmination of integrating feedback and user requests since the release of Acupartner Knowledge in 1996, a process that included the following milestones: 

1996: First release of AcuPartner Knowledge
2000: Release of AcuPartner 2000 Knowledge
2002: Release of AcuPartner Clinic
2003: Release of Acupartner Knowledge + Clinic Suite
2004: Acupartner Knowledge + Clinic
Suite localized in Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian
2007: Release of
AcuPartner Student
April 2008: Release of AcuPartner Professional
Oct 2009: AcuPartner Professional Dongle version
Jan 2010: AcuPartner Professional Network
April 2010: AcuPartner Professional in Russian
June 2010: AcuPartner Professional in German
Bamboo Software is committed to continue to improve and enhance this product, including localization in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and German. 

The team behind AcuPartner:
Jimmy Goldfarb: Graphic design, technical writing, copywriting, special logo design, webpage design and upkeep, and the writing and design of the User Manual. 
Nimrod Huberman: Manager of software development. World-renowned expert in development of Toolbook™ applications, with his staff, especially Orit Cohen
Pazit Segal: Expert in Chinese Medicine, who was responsible for the accuracy of the acupuncture information. 
Orit Oz: Graphic design and execution of the program display screens 
Danit Galler: Graphic design and design of the new logo, product brochure, business cards, stationery, demonstration example and marketing posters.

Translators of AcuPartner
Dr. Antonio Simas - Translator to Portuguese, with the help of Deborah Dubiner.
Dr. Igor Jeroukhimov and Michael Jeroukhimov -  Translators to Russian. 
Ariel Haberman and In Other Words Ltd. - Translator to Spanish, with the help of Avner and Silvia Man and Israel Dvir.
Dr. Martin Jodlowski-Tan - Translator to German (Release June 2010)
Tamar Netzer
Bamboo Software Ltd.


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