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AcuPartner Professional Reviews

"We last reviewed the AcuPartner Software in our summer edition 2000 (Vol 3 No3) when our reviewer called it “the best acupuncture reference software”. The 2008 AcuPartner Professional drew considerable interest at our recent annual conference, so we thought we’d look at it again., and judging by my recent assessment, it is still up there with the best. The new software has been considerably enhanced, with a much deeper diagnostic concept, greatly improved charts and point description, and a variety of clinic management options."
New Review of AcuPartner Professional
EJOM (European Journal of Oriental Medicine) Aug 2009

New Review of Acupartner Professional Dec 2008
The developer and the cadre of support put together is impressive, and I consider Acupartner Professional to be a first-class act.
They clearly are experts of database management and software development. Furthermore, their knowledge of Traditional Oriental Medicine coupled with an appreciation for clinical practice management challenges is apparent. I expect further development of this program to be impressive. This, too, highly favors Acupartner Professional as a worthwhile investment.
Overall Recommendations: Very Good
Ease of Use: Very Good to Excellent
Integration: Excellent
Knowledge Base: Good to Very Good
Insurance Billing: Good
Record-Keeping: Very Good
Price: Reasonable (Author not prepared to compare prices of comparable products) “
J. Kimber Rotchford
Medical Acupuncture, December 2008, 20(4): 289-290
American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
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 AcuPartner knowledge Reviews 

 "The 'Best Acupuncture reference Software Award' goes to AcuPartner, a product of the Israeli firm Bamboo Software Ltd. It has excellent content, presentation and ease of use"
published in The European Journal of Oriental Medicine Vol 3 No 3 2000, by Robert Pedley.
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