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The World-Leading Acupuncture Software for Acupuncturists
 AcuPartner Professional 
“The Best Acupuncture Reference Software”
Awarded by The European Journal of Oriental Medicine
2008 English expanded version 

Customizable TCM & Herbal Knowledge Base
• Wealth of TCM knowledge: western diseases, syndromes, points, meridians, organs
• Wealth of herbal knowledge: herbs and formulas (classic, patented, modified, associated)
• Edit text, add comments, edit point combinations
• Add new herbs and formulas
• Build lists of symptoms, syndromes, diseases
• Add western diseases, syndromes, extra points (with pictures)
• Build lists of symptoms, syndromes, diseases
• Maps (meridian, area body, full-body) allowing navigation to a point screen, choosing a combination of session treatment points and blinking of selected session treatment points
Customizable Clinic Management & Patient Data Base
• User-friendly intake forms
• Session documentation
• Diagnosis, treatment and search functions
• Patient/supplier billing, inventory management, automatic insurance form generation
• Multimedia options (pictures, videos, voice recording)
• Medical and Management report generation and classifications
Additional Capabilities
• World-standard nomenclature or local meridian names
• TCM & Herbal data base sharing with colleagues (who use
AcuPartner Professional
• Variety of split/dual display options (patient records, TCM & Herbal knowledge and full-body maps)



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