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  by Bamboo Software Ltd
Version 4.1

Cost US$249

Content: Multimedia CD-ROM covering Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

There are now many acupuncture CD-ROMs available that contain a database of

acupuncture points and uses, together with diagnostic information in TCM. AcuPartner

is based on Asymetrix multimedia tool book database, which is the engine that drives

the linking of text and graphics, aided by abundant hyperlinking for easy navigation.

Only acupuncture is covered. This CD-ROM packs the program into 61 megabytes, and

can be run straight from the CD-ROM. If you prefer, the program can be installed on

your hard disk (you will need 25 mB free) and can be customised by adding comments

or changing point combinations to "build your own therapeutic tool".

I ran the program directly from the CD and it was surprisingly fast, presenting a readonly

database. The opening screen featured one clear navigation bar with topics:

Syndrome, Disease, Point, Meridian, Organ, and Maps. One click over a main topic

revealed a drop down list with between two and eighteen sub-topics, some leading to

further selections. The information is very comprehensive, and very easy to jump from

topic to topic simply by clicking on cursor sensitive words or graphics. You don't need

instructions on how to use this software as it is very intuitive, but if you do, the guidance

is one of the most comprehensive that I have seen, with abundant screen shots.

The use of multimedia is limited. There are no sound or movie clips. The animations are

quite basic and show the acupuncture points hopping along the meridians! The graphics

are very clear, with little labels that appear showing you the name of the acupuncture

point when highlighted by the cursor. You would never be left short of detailed

knowledge about any point! Each point is described by its location, action, nature, use

of moxa, clinical use, and technique of needling, together with a wonderful coloured

graphic showing the point flashing and labelled along its meridian.

The information is of a very practical nature and covers disease diagnosis in Western

and TCM terms (fully searchable). The principles of treatment are explained, and also

the use of points. In case you may have forgotten a point location from this list, one click

of the mouse takes you to a full description. The CD-ROM contains no acupuncture

clinic management program, no information on how acupuncture works, and very little in

the way of safety information (eg the dangers of needling CV.17 too deeply in patients

with a sternal foramen. BL.67 is "contraindicated during pregnancy" (despite recent

evidence that it can work in late pregnancy to correct a breech), but SP.6 is 'allowed' at

all stages of pregnancy. The acupuncture point nomenclature is the closest that I have

seen in acupuncture software that approaches the agreed World Health Organisation's

recommendations of 1989, but HE, TW, KID, LIV, should be shown as HT, TE, KI, LR,


This CD is very easy to use with an excellent presentation of acupuncture points.

Presentation 9/10
Content (Traditional Chinese acupuncture) 9/10
Content (Medical acupuncture) 5/10
Ease of use 10/10

System requirements - windows 95 or higher - 32 MB of RAM - 256 colour sVGA video

card - CD-ROM drive X2 or faster - mouse or pointing device.

For more details contact Bamboo Software Ltd, Yuvalim 112, Israel 20142

Fax: 972-4-999-0425 E-mail:

Home page: (where you can download a free demo)

Reviewed: Dr Colin Lewis
22nd September 1999
AcuPartner 2000

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