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A Software Review by Richard C. Niemtzow, MD, PhD, MPH
AcuPartner 2000
Bamboo Software Ltd

I loaded the CD into my computer running Windows ME, Intel Pentium 4, 1.8 Giga Hz CPU and 512 RAM of Memory of PC 800 RD RAM  (Actually have over 1 Gig available) on a Asus P4T mother board and A GE Force 3 video card . As you would imagine it loaded without a problem. The software is compatible with various Windows 2000 versions.  In fact, it even ran well on the Release Candidate 2 Version of Windows XP Professional.

The menu offers either a read only data base or a custom data base. The read only data base offers 6 major categories: Syndrome, Disease, Point, Meridian, Organ, Maps.  The custom data base allows the operator to add useful information and the software “evolves with the user.” Under each of the above headings the information is practical and would fill a text book.  The huge quantity of information is user friendly and one can learn to navigate in less than one minute.  The maps are elegant.  Click on a point and it is identified by its nomenclature, i.e, LI-4, and all the useful information regarding the point is swiftly at your finger tips. You can not get the information faster with a text book. You would be turning the pages for at least 20 minutes. And of course with Acupartner you can print out what you need.  Take a look at the screen images below and you will get the idea of what I am talking about.

 If you decide you need acupuncture software, this is one that you do not want to be without. If you do not need software, you should buy it anyhow as you will end up using it I am sure. This is definitely a must for the novice and expert.

Reviewed by,
Richard C. Niemtzow, MD. PHD, MPH

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